Family sitting on airplane

AirShield: A Solution to Social Distancing for the Commercial Air Travel Industry.

Teague conducted six months of research and dynamic modeling to explore the most effective way to reduce airborne viral transmission onboard an airplane. In this white paper, we share the thinking behind the design of AirShield, a new cabin-air safety device.

Featured in this white paper:
Information on how viruses spread from person to person

A detailed explanation of airflow in an airplane cabin environment
Conceptual product designs for efficient air environment management
Proof of concept analysis

To achieve optimum performance, we developed AirShield through a series of digital and physical prototypes. In addition to achieving optimal effectiveness as a barrier between passengers, we purposefully designed AirShield to be quiet, discreet, and harmoniously integrated into the cabin.

AirShield works alongside existing cabin airflow infrastructure to restrict the spread of exhaled particles. The device's nozzle design is inspired by industrial air-knives' geometry with nozzle-tips that harness the 'Bernoulli principle,' drawing in the surrounding cabin air and doubling the resulting airflow. Developed in partnership with three of the world's leading airlines, AirShield easily integrates into existing cabin architecture, with each implementation customized based on PSU geometry, cabin styling, and seating layout.